Greek Domestic Corporate Bond Market

Capital Link Invest in Greece Podcast*
Market Insights Webinar Series
September 23, 2020
1:08:38 Min.

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Podcast Summary

The Greek Domestic Corporate Bond Market has been steadily growing. All 4 leading Greek banks Alpha, Eurobank, NBG and Piraeus are actively supporting this growth with multitalented teams and appetite to foster further growth. Issuers are also active in the domestic market led by the recent GEK TERNA highly successful effort. What are the challenges and opportunities going forward for the domestic bond market to increase the positive momentum and attract more business.



  • Mr. Constantinos Lambadarios, Managing Partner, Lambadarios Law Firm


  • Mrs. Penelope Lazaridou, General Financial Manager, Executive Board Member, GT - GEK TERNA Group of Companies
  • Mrs. Eleni Vrettou, Executive General Manager, Chief of Corporate & Investment Banking, Piraeus Bank S.A.
  • Mr. Yannis Emiris, General Manager of Wholesale Banking, Alpha Bank
  • Mr. Anastasios Ioannidis, General Manager, Global Markets, Eurobank S.A.
  • Mr. Vassilis Karamouzis, General Manager of Corporate and Investment Banking, National Bank of Greece