Environmental Regulation & Compliance - How It May Affect Shipping - Athens 2017

Shipping Forum Podcast*
7th Annual Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum
November 09, 2017
51:06 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Dr. John Kokarakis, Vice President, Technology & Business Development, Hellenic, Black Sea Region & Middle East – Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Division

Mr. Kostas G. Vlachos, Managing Director – Consolidated Marine Management Inc. & COO (Latsco Shipping)
Mr. George Bourtoulis, Technical Manager – Eurotankers
Mr. Frederick J. Kenney, Director of Legal and External Affairs – International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Mr. Stavros Hatzigrigoris, Managing Director – Maran Gas Maritime Inc.
RADM Linda Fagan, Deputy Commandant for Operations Policy and Capabilities – United States Coast Guard

This audio podcast was recorded on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at our 7th Annual Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum in Athens.