2018 New York Maritime Forum - Bank Finance

Shipping Forum Podcast*
10th Annual New York Maritime Forum
November 15, 2018
32:22 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Mr. Daniel Rodgers, Partner - Watson Farley Williams

Mr. Amit Wynalda, Head of Shipping Americas - ABN AMRO Holdings USA LLC
Mr. Fang Xiuzhi, Head of Shipping Finance – Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shreyas Chipalkatty, MD, Head of EMEA Shipping, Logistics and Offshore – Citi
Mr. Tor Ivar Hansen, Managing Director– DNB Markets, Inc.
Mr. Martijn Van Tuijl, Managing Director, Shipping Finance - Western Hemisphere - DVB Bank


This audio podcast was recorded on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at our 10th Annual New York Maritime Forum in NYC.