Marco Fiori, CEO of d'Amico International Shipping on the Product Market

June 28, 2018
31:43 Min.

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Podcast Summary


Marco Fiori, CEO of d’Amico International Shipping sits down with
Lambros Papaeconomou
for an exclusive interview to discuss the
current Product Sector market.



• The outlook of the product tanker market - are we closer to a market turnaround?  

• Why are MRs such an exciting segment within the product tanker sector? 

• The effect on environmental regulations on fleet supply  

• How is new refining capacity coming along? How will this contribute to ton-mile demand for product tankers?

• How will US oil production affect trade flows for the product tanker market? 

• Will sale & leaseback transactions gain market share as a financing mechanism for shipping companies? 


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