2023 3rd Annual Decarbonization in Shipping Forum - All about Carbon - Reduction, Capture & Offset

July 12, 2023
37:40 Min.

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Podcast Summary

All about Carbon – Reduction, Capture & Offset

Moderator: Ms. Michelle Wiese Bockmann, Senior Analyst, Lloyd's List Intelligence & Markets Editor - Lloyd’s List


  • Mr. Panos Koutsourakis, Vice President, Global Sustainability - ABS
  • Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, CEO and Co-founder - DeepSea Technologies
  • Mr. Konstantinos Stampedakis, Co-founder and Managing Director - ERMA FIRST
  • Mr. Hauke Kite-Powell, Sr Vice President, Managing Decarbonization – Marsoft

 3rd Annual Decarbonization in Shipping Forum on  Tuesday & Wednesday, July 11-12, 2023 | Digital Event . For more information on this event please visit here: https://forums.capitallink.com/shipping/2023decarbonization/