2019 Invest In Greece Forum - Sovereign & Corporate Greek Debt As A Funding Mechanism & An Investment Opportunity

December 18, 2019
36:38 Min.

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Podcast Summary


Mr. Apostolos Gkoutzinis, Partner - Milbank


Mr. Arnaud Jossien, Managing Director - Investment Banking CEE & Greece - BNP Paribas

Mr. Dimitris Kofitsas, Executive Director, Investment Banking / Financing Group South Europe & Greece - Goldman Sachs

Mr. Vasilis Tsaitas, Head of Investor Relations - Hellenic Petroleum

Mr. Vassilis Kotsiras, Head of Capital Markets and Structured Finance - National Bank of Greece

Mr. Morven Jones, Managing Director, Head of Debt Capital Markets, EMEA - Nomura

Mr. Dimitrios Tsakonas, Chief Executive - Public Debt Management Agency