2021 - 15th Annual International Shipping Forum - Addressing The Crewing Crisis - Moving From Discussion To Results

Shipping Forum Podcast*
International Shipping Forum
March 09, 2021
52:34 Min.

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Podcast Summary

DAY 1 – TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 2021


Shipping reaffirmed its vital function as the artery of global trade, when during the pandemic ships continued to move cargo and kept the supply chain open for the benefit of societies and economies around the world. This could not have happened without the endurance and sacrifices of the crews that faced unprecedented challenges including much longer than anticipated stay onboard. There is a humanitarian crisis raising, among other, safety concerns. There has been a huge amount if discussion and progress has been made in terms of facilitating crew changes but still the problem remains. The recent Neptune Declaration which has been signed by more than 400 companies and organizations brings the issue again to the spotlight and creates a unified industry demand – to address and resolve the issue, which needs the cooperation of all stakeholders – international organizations, national governments, shipping companies, charterers and more. This panel will focus on practical recommendations and strategies in terms of addressing the issue.

Mr. Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman & CEO  – American P&I Club