2019 Hong Kong Maritime Forum - Seafarers Careers, Welfare, Education & Training

December 16, 2019
36:01 Min.

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Podcast Summary

The Vision, Mission And Priorities Of Seafarers’ Unions In Hong Kong Maritime Industry Development:

Access to a high-quality pool of seafarers has been a critical issue for the maritime industry. The panel will discuss not only how to maintain the quality of the existing seafarers but also how to promote the seafaring career to the new generation.

Introductory Remarks: Captain T.T. Chung, General Secretary of Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild – Hong Kong; ITF Fair Practice Committee and FPC Steering Group Member

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mr. Jason Lam, Inspector – ITF; Assistant Head – ITF FOC Campaign Office 


Ms. Kitty Chan, Administrator – Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild – Hong Kong

Mr. Leon Lai, (Chief Officer) Executive Council Member – Amalgamated Union of Seafarers, Hong Kong

Ms. Doris Sin, Assistant Head – ITF FOC Campaign Office, Secretary – HKISSC