2022 4th Singapore Maritime Forum - New Generation Ship Manager

April 04, 2022
47:31 Min.

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Podcast Summary

New Generation Ship Manager

 Moderator: Mr. Demetris Chrystostomou, Managing Director Asia Region / Group Director Business Development – Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd.


  • Christophe Grammare, Managing Director– AAL Shipping
  • Arjun Batra, Executive Chairman – Drewry
  • Caroline Yang, President - Singapore Shipping Association (SSA)
  • Philip Clausius, CEO - Transport Capital
Capital Link's 4th Annual Singapore Maritime Forum
Monday, April 4, 2022 from 1pm - 4pm London as a digital event.
The Forum is held in partnership with Columbia Shipmanagement and Singhai Marine Services.
It is held in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week.

The forum will feature Industry Leaders from Singapore on the various panels sharing their insight on issues specific to the Singapore Maritime Community/Cluster and also on critical global industry topics. The digital nature of the event opens it to a global audience and makes this approach highly relevant and effective.