2020 7th Analyst & Investor - Geopolitics, World Trade & Shipping

October 21, 2020
45:21 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Geopolitics, World Trade and Shipping

Access to global markets is key for shipping in fulfilling its vital role as the artery of global trade. Over 90% of global trade is transported by ships. Geopolitics, tariffs, trade wars, sanctions and increased protectionism have a direct impact on global trade and thus on shipping. This panel will discuss mechanisms to safeguard access to global markets working through industry and international organizations.

Mr. Nicholas Brown
, Brand & Communications Director, Marine & Offshore – Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore


  • Mr. John Hadjipateras, CEO – Dorian LPG
  • Mr. Athanasios Martinos, Managing Director – Eastern Mediterranean Maritime