2019 International Shipping Forum - China - Putting it All Together - The Chinese Shipowners' Perspective

Shipping Forum Podcast*
4th Annual International Shipping Forum - China
June 11, 2019
38:02 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Mr. Terence Zhao, President - Singhai Marine Services

Mr. Xu Ting Hui, Deputy Director, The Shipping Business Management Planning Office - China Merchants Group
Mr. Zheng Yanbing, Manager, Process Management Division information & Section - COSCO Shipping Bulk Co., Ltd
Mr. Li Duo Zhu, Chairman - Dingheng Shipping
Mr. Su Bin, CEO - Shandong Marine Energy CO., Ltd
Mr. Fu Jian, Deputy General Manager - Shandong Shipping Corporation


This audio podcast was recorded on Friday, May 10, 2019 at our International Shipping Forum - China in Shanghai.