Optimizing Technical Ship Management - Athens 2017

Shipping Forum Podcast*
7th Annual Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum
November 09, 2017
50:06 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Mr. Theo G. Baltatzis, General Manager – Technomar Shipping Inc.

Mr. Loukas Kaniaros, Director of Technical and Marine Dry Operations – Chandris Hellas
Mr. Andreas Hadjipetrou, Managing Director – Columbia Shipmanagement
Mr. Dimitris Orfanos, Chief Operating Officer – Dorian LPG Management Corp.
Mrs. Danielle Lammens, Maintenance Excellence Manager – Exmar Ship Management NV
Mr. George Thanopoulos, Technical Manager Bulk Carriers – Neda Maritime Agency Co. Ltd.

This audio podcast was recorded on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at our 7th Annual Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum in Athens.