2018 International Shipping Forum - China - Global Shipping Banks & The Availability of Finance for the Chinese & International Shipping Industry

Shipping Forum Podcast*
3rd Annual International Shipping Forum - China
May 15, 2018
41:57 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Mr. Stuart McAlpine, Partner – Clyde & Co.

Mr. Darryl Tan, Head of Transportation and Logistics, Asia Pacific – ABN AMRO
Mr. James Tong, Managing Director, Head, Asia Pacific & Japan, Global Shipping & Logistics – Citi
Mr. Andreas Ostern, Head of Shipping, Offshore & Logistics Asia – DNB Asia Ltd
Ms. Rosemary Goh, Managing Director, Head of Maritime Industries Asia Pacific - Nord/LB
Mr. Paul Taylor, Global Head of Shipping and Offshore Finance – Societe Generale


This audio podcast was recorded on Friday, April 20, 2018 at our 3rd Annual International Shipping Forum - China in Shanghai.