Interview with Marco Fiori, CEO of d'Amico International Shipping on the Product Tanker Market

May 14, 2018
33:01 Min.

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Podcast Summary


Mr. Marco Fiori, CEO of d'Amico International Shipping sits down with
Mr. James Jang, Senior Analyst, Vice President Equity Research,
Industrials and Maritime for Maxim Group LLC
for an exclusive interview
which focuses on topics of critical interest for the product tanker market
such as environmental regulations and compliance, related costs, access to
capital, demand growth and sector fundamentals.



- A recap of where we are today with the latest decisions on the IMO 2020 environmental regulations 

- Options available to the industry to comply with IMO 2020 and related financial burdens 

- Can Sale & Leaseback transactions fill the void created by the traditional lenders?

- When will we see the substitution effect of LR1/MR and MR/Handy take place? 

- How to quantify product tanker demand growth 


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