Deep Dive into CPLP & Growth Strategy and Sector Outlook - 1x1 Discussion with CEO Jerry Kalogiratos

October 07, 2021
55:15 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Live Webinar: ‘Deep Dive into Capital Product Partners’ (CPLP) Growth Strategy and Sector Outlook 1x1

Discussion between:

  • Jerry Kalogiratos , Chief Executive Officer, Capital Product Partners L.P.
  • Ben Nolan, Managing Director, Stifel Financial Corp.

Overview The focus of this in-depth discussion will be on three main verticals:

  1. Capital Product Partners' development, strategy, market positioning, competitive advantages and growth prospects.
  2. CPLP is positioned as a growth oriented maritime transportation MLP diversified across several industry sectors. The Partnership has implemented a number of transformational initiatives aimed to optimize growth and its operational and financial performance.
  3. Furthermore, the speakers will examine the container and LNG markets, where CPLP is currently active, including supply and demand fundamentals, asset values and freight rates, orderbook and sectors outlook. Lastly, the discussion will also address critical issues surrounding the maritime industry.

Capital Link Shipping Webinar Series

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