2019 Hong Kong Maritime Forum - Does Private Equity & Alternative Finance Have A Role In Shipping Today
Hong Kong

December 17, 2019
36:55 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Is Private Equity an opportunistic short-term or a strategic long-term investor in shipping? Is there still appetite for shipping investments? What types of projects and deals attract Private Equity investments? Entry and exit strategies. On the other hand, several new platforms are ready to provide debt financing. AF is becoming a bigger source of capital and is open not just to bigger companies but also to smaller and mid-sized owners, who represent a big portion of the industry.

Moderator: Mr. Jonathan Silver, Partner – Maples Group


Mr. Andrew Hampson, Managing Director – Tufton Asset Backed Investment (ABI) Group

Mr. Jack Sun, Managing Partner –  SinoEnergy Capital

Mr. Ali Ben Lmadani, CEO – ABL Corporation

Mr. Alex Ponomarev, Director Business Development – GTLK Europe DAC