2020 International Shipping Forum - China - Navigating Through And Past the Covid-19 Disruption
China - Shanghai

September 15, 2020
50:24 Min.

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Podcast Summary


Human Element, Shipping & Global Supply Chain

Overview: The panel will address the practical challenges related to crew changes, which have been greatly impacted by the pandemic putting the well-being and safety of crews and ships at risk. It will also discuss the cooperation needed among industry stakeholders, regulators and governments to address these issues. Also, it will highlight the increasing presence of Chinese seafarers serving in international shipping.

Moderator: Mr. Edward Liu, Counsel & Legal Director - Hill Dickinson; Principle Representative - ICS (China) Liaison Office


  • Mr. Bjorn Hojgaard, CEO - Anglo-Eastern Univan Group; Chairman - The Hong Kong Shipowners Association
  • Mr. Dennis Svane Hansen, Vice President, Head of Global Manning - BW Fleet Management
  • Mr. Mark O’Neil, President - Columbia Shipmanagement
  • Mr. Terence Zhao, Managing Director - Singhai Marine Services
  • Mr. Allan Falkenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Crew Management and Offshore - Vships