2020 - Capital Markets - Are They Open To Shipping?
International Shipping Forum

May 22, 2020
44:11 Min.

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Podcast Summary

2020 14th International Shipping Forum

DAY 2 – TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2020


The panel will discuss where shipping companies can raise capital (is it New York or Oslo?) and under what type of instrument – common or preferred equity, straight or convertible bonds, baby bonds? Can we expect more IPOs or follow-on offerings? And what is the profile of issuers that can successfully tap the capital markets today?

 Moderator: Mr. Steven Hollander, Partner - Watson Farley Williams


  • Christa Volpicelli, Managing Director, Global Transportation Group - Citi
  • Erik Helberg, CEO - Clarksons Platou Securities
  • Theodore Jadick, Jr., Managing Director, CEO and President - DNB Markets, Inc.
  • Nicolas Duran, Director - Partner - Fearnley Securities SA
  • Douglas Mavrinac, Global Head, Maritime Investment Banking - Jefferies LLC