2022 Capital Link 12th Greek Shipping Forum - Examining ESG - How The Landscape Is Evolving

May 05, 2022
42:56 Min.

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Podcast Summary


The panel will take an in depth look at how the maritime conversation around ESG is changing due to industry expectations, societal pressures & the regulatory environment. What does ESG means for shipowners, charterers, lenders, investors and insurers? How are they navigating transparency requirements and what is the best practice for reporting? This session will focus on how different stakeholders perceive the risks & opportunities associated with ESG and what this means for shipping in the short, medium & long term.

Moderator: Mrs. Anthi Miliou, Head of Sales, In Service – Lloyd’s Register

Ms. Kiara Konti, Associate Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services – EY
Mrs. Charis Plakantonaki, Chief Strategy Officer – Star Bulk Carriers Corp.
Mr. George Wells, Commercial Head for Structured Deals and Decarbonization - Cargill
Mr. Theodore Jadick, Managing Director, CEO & President – DNB Markets
Mr. Vangelis Rousos, Vice President, Commercial – Tufton Asset Management Ltd.