Chinese Leasing Opening Up to the World - Seeking Opportunities Beyond China
2nd Annual Capital Link's China Shipping Forum

May 05, 2017
41:25 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Moderator: Mr. Conor Warde, Partner, Clyde & Co.

Mr. Zhu Jiafeng, Managing Director, Ship Leasing Dept. - AVIC International Leasing Ltd.
Mr. Fang Xiuzhi, Head of Shipping Finance - Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
Mr. Jack Xu, Deputy Head of Shipping - CMB Financial Leasing Co. Ltd.
Ms. Angela Zhao, Director, Shipping & Offshore - CM International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
Mr. Alex Yan, Vice General Manager of Assets Management Department - CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited