2021 13th Annual Shipping & Marine Services Forum - Shipping - The Investor Viewpoint

September 13, 2021
40:59 Min.

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Podcast Summary


Shipping is in a new era. With the world economy slowly reopening, global mobility eventually restored and supply chain disruptions diminished, the fundamentals and outlook for shipping are bright across the various sectors. Freight rates, asset vakues and stock prices are up. There has been a resurgence of investor interest in shipping with new IPOs and several secondary offerings. At the same time, other investors, mainlyPrivate Equity Firms, took their profits exiting or decreasing their investments. Is this the time to invest? The panel will provide the viewpoint of investors in assets and stocks from different investor classes.

 Mr.  Joachim Rasmussen, Head of Equity & Fixed Income Sales – Partner - Fearnley Securities AS