2020 - Decarbonization - Green Shipping - Conquering The Next Frontier
International Shipping Forum

May 15, 2020
40:50 Min.

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Podcast Summary

2020 14th International Shipping Forum 

DAY 1 – MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2020


The reduction of greenhouse emissions is the next challenge which will have transformational impact on the industry. Regulators, fossil and alternative fuel producers, engine manufacturers and shipbuilders, shipowners, charterers, financiers and a wider range of industry participants need to come up with a workable and sustainable framework. The panel will discuss strategies, options and initiatives in this direction as the industry sets out to address the complexities involved.

 Moderator: Mr. John Keough, Partner - Clyde & Co 


  • Frederick Kenney, Director, Legal and External Affairs - International Maritime Organization
  • Mark O’Neil, CEO - Columbia Shipmanagement
  • Karrie Trauth, General Manager Shipping & Maritime Americas - Shell Trading & Supply
  • Jeffrey Pribor, CFO - International Seaways (INSW)
  • Hamish Norton, President - Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (SBLK)
  • Mr. John Butler, President & CEO - World Shipping Council