Revitalizing Heidmar Tanker Commercial Pools: Focus on Relationships - Transparency - Quality - CEO

January 18, 2022
25:46 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Revitalizing Heidmar Tanker Commercial Pools: Focus on Relationships-Transparency-Quality

Pankaj Khanna, CEO & Principal comments on the Company's latest developments:

  • Joint Venture with Capital Ship Management
  • 40 years of experience in commercial management of tankers
  • 60 tankers under commercial management in six pools across main vessel types
  • Heidmar’s focus on customers and its competitive advantages
  • Growth strategy and outlook

January 18, 2022

Capital Link - Trending News

In this series we have the opportunity to discuss with company management the recent news and announcements they have made.

About Heidmar

  • Dedicated to Innovation, Relationships, Performance & Transparency
  • Heidmar is the original pool manager specializing in tankers and is committed to performance, relationships and transparency.
  • With almost 40 years experience, Heidmar is dedicated to putting the Customer's interests first.
  • HEIDMAR. Relationships matter.

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