2021 Hong Kong Maritime Forum - Hong Kong: Reaffirming Global Maritime Leadership

November 01, 2021
1:04:58 Min.

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Podcast Summary


Moderator: Nicolas Bornozis, President - Capital Link, Inc.


  • Bjorn Hojgaard, Chief Executive Officer - Anglo-Eastern Univan Group; Chairman - Hong Kong Shipowners Association
  • James Tong, Managing Director, Head of Global Shipping & Logistics Asia Pacific and Japan - Citi | Corporate & Investment Banking Asia Pacific
  • Benjamin Wong, Head, Transport and Industrial, Invest Hong Kong - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Edward Liu, Partner - Hill Dickinson; Principal Representative - International Chamber of Shipping (China) Liaison Office
  • Hing Chao, Executive Chairman - Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings



This year’s Capital Link Hong Kong Maritime Forum aims to highlight the enduring leadership of Hong Kong as a global maritime center. The topics are Hong centric and the target audience is the international maritime community.

Most of HK’s competitive advantages remain in place and have actually improved over time, overcoming geopolitical and industry challenges and competition from other maritime hubs. But today, HK can also play a new role as a super connector between China and the World, and facilitate and enhance access to Chinese resources, while also offering an improved infrastructure and possibilities through the Greater Bay Area.

A top level panel of experts – stakeholders from different aspects of the industry will provide authoritative and comprehensive viewpoints on the above. The discussion will cover the new possibilities as well as the traditional advantages as these have developed today.

Topics of discussion include:
- Hong Kong as super-connector between China and the world
- How to Tap into Chinese Resources through Hong Kong
- Greater Bay Area and its Implications on Hong Kong's attractiveness

Capital Link's 3rd Annual Hong Kong Maritime Forum -  Monday, November 1, 2021

Held in conjunction with the Hong Kong Maritime Week HKMW 2021

Sponsored by: WinGD