2019 Invest In Greece Forum - Large Projects Transforming Greece - Business & Investment Opportunities
Invest In Greece

December 18, 2019
49:28 Min.

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Podcast Summary


Mr. Constantinos Lambadarios, Managing Partner - Lambadarios Law firm

Introductory Keynote Remarks:

H.E. Yannis Tsakiris, Deputy Minister of Development & Investment, Responsible for Public Investments & NSRF - Hellenic Republic


Mr. Piotr Mietkowski, Head of Investment Banking CEE, Greece & Turkey – BNP Paribas

Mr. Konstantinos Vassiliou, Deputy CEO, Head of Group Corporate & Investment Banking – Eurobank

Mr. Riccardo Lambiris, CEO – Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

Mr. Odisseas Athanasiou, CEO – Lamda Development

Mr. Antonios Timplalexis, Managing Director - Nomura International