2020 10th Annual Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum - Digitalization & Technological (R)Evolution

July 20, 2020
40:15 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Day 2

Shipping companies as well as stakeholders throughout the logistics chain expedite the use of technology to optimize cost & increase efficiency. The significance of data analytics in decision making.

 Moderator: Mr. Paolo Moretti, CEO - RINA SERVICES


  • Mr. Mark Cameron, Executive V.P. & COO - Ardmore Shipping Corporation
  • Mr. Mark O'Neil, CEO - Columbia Shipmanagement
  • Mr. Alexander Hadjipateras, Executive Vice President, Business Development - Dorian LPG
  • Mr. Olav Nortun, CEO - Thome Group
  • Mr. Stephen MacFarlane, Chief Information Officer - V.Group