2020 10th Annual Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum - Meeting the IMO 2021 Cybersecurity Mandate

July 20, 2020
41:14 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Day 2

Protecting Ships, Seafarers, Cargoes and the Environment
The industry's response to comply with the IMO's requirement for maritime cyber-risk management is gaining momentum as we approach the January 1, 2020 deadline. But there are also distinct commercial benefits. A cyber-security framework is sought by an increasing number of stakeholders and may help in securing vessel employment, insurance and finance. This panel will bring you up to speed with the cyber-security landscape in shipping today. 

Moderator: Mr. Nicholas Brown, Communications Director - Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore


  • Mr. Jean-Baptiste Gillet, Director, Advanced Services - Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore
  • Mr. David Foo, Senior Director, Operations Technology - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
  • Mrs. Charis Plakantonaki, Chief Strategy Officer - Star Bulk Carriers
  • Mr. Charalambos Kalevrosoglou,Information Security Officer - Tototheo Maritime
  • Captain Rob Compher, Chief, Office of Design & Engineering Standards - US Coast Guard