d'Amico (DIS) & Product Tankers Update & Outlook - Capital Link Presentation Series | 1.20.22

January 20, 2022
45:19 Min.

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Podcast Summary

d'Amico International Shipping S.A. (BIT: DIS) & Product Tankers Update & Outlook - Capital Link Presentation Series | 1.20.22 - 11 AM EST

Company Management Speaker: Carlos Balestra di Mottola, CFO

About Series

  • Capital Link Company Presentation Series features Senior Management of publicly listed maritime companies will present their business and strategy, overall development and outlook to a wider investor audience.
  • Please follow the link below for more information: https://webinars.capitallink.com/2022/company_presentation/

About DIS 

  • d’Amico International Shipping S.A. (DIS) is the d’Amico division operating in the Product Tanker sector, listed since 2007 on the Milan Stock Exchange. It has a modern fleet specialized in the transport of refined petroleum products, serving the main petroleum companies and trading companies. Endorsing MARPOL/IMO* regulations, the Company can also transport vegetable oil and other chemical products.
  • With chartering and operations offices in strategic locations such as Dublin, London, Singapore and USA, DIS offers a unique 24/7 client service. - 75% of DIS' owned and bareboat fleet and 74% of the entire controlled fleet is 'Eco' (industry average 27%)

More info here: en.damicointernationalshipping.com