Non-core assets sale underscores pure play eco-MR product tankers focus - Mr. Eddie Valentis PXS CEO

January 04, 2022
7:07 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Mr. Valentios Valentis, Chairman and CEO of Pyxis Tankers Inc. (NASDAQ:PXS) comments on the Company's latest developments, the sale of two small vessels:

  • Strategic Transaction Rationale
  • Transactions Financial Details and Implications for Pyxis
  • Company Growth Plans 
  • Product Tanker Market Update
  • Sector Demand/ Supply Balance

January 4, 2022

Capital Link - Trending News

In this series we have the opportunity to discuss with company management the recent news and announcements they have made.


  • We are a growth-orientated, pure-play owner of a modern fleet of product tankers engaged in the seaborne transportation of refined petroleum products and other bulk liquids. We are focused on medium range product tankers, which provide operational flexibility and enhanced earnings potential due to their “eco” features or modifications. We are positioned to opportunistically expand and maximize the value of our fleet due to our strong customer relationships, competitive cost structure and experienced management team and founder, whose interests are squarely aligned with other shareholders. Our common shares are listed on the NASDAQ Capital Markets under the trading symbol ‘PXS.’
  • Stable Cash Flow with Upside Our chartering strategy is intended to provide stable, visible cash flows from time charters and upside opportunity through the spot market during periods of market strength. Our scalable operating structure allows management to minimize costs and focus on long term shareholder value.