2020 7th Analyst & Investor - Embracing the Technological Revolution

October 22, 2020
41:35 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Embracing the Technological Revolution

Technology has had a transformational impact across all areas of shipping optimizing technical and operational performance – reducing costs, improving efficiency and communications, enhancing safety & security and more. This panel will discuss how leading shipowners are using technology to optimize their operations.

Mr. Paolo Moretti, 
CEO – RINA Services 


  • Ms. Alexia Inglessis, Director – Alberta Ship Management 
  • Mr. Demetris Chrysostomou, Group Director Marketing & Business Development – Columbia Shipmanagement
  • Mr. Christos Mangos, CEO – Interunity Management Corporation 
  • Mr. Ioannis Martinos, CEO – Signal Maritime 
  • Mr. Constantino Tomasos, CEO – Super Eco Tankers Management