2019 Hong Kong Maritime Forum - The Future Of The Industry & Industry Preparedness & Initiatives
Hong Kong

December 17, 2019
37:11 Min.

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Podcast Summary

A Roundtable discussion among leaders from various aspects of the industry. The panel will discuss the evolution of the shipping industry, the main industry drivers, opportunities and challenges across the board – finance, technology, regulations, geopolitics and more. It will also discuss initiatives undertaken by companies and industry organizations to support and steer the industry to its next phase of development.

Moderator: Mr. Norbert Kray, Regional Manager for Greater China – DNV-GL


Mr. Peter Cremers, Vice-President – BIMCO; Executive Chairman - Anglo-Eastern Group

Mr. Martin Stopford, Non-Executive President – Clarkson Research Services Limited

Mr. Andreas Nordseth, Director General – Danish Maritime Authority