2021 Capital Link German Maritime Forum - The German Maritime Cluster - Past - Present - Future

February 01, 2021
41:02 Min.

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Podcast Summary


The German Maritime Cluster has – to a significant extent – operated in a survival mode for the last 10 years, constantly fighting off the challenges that persisted from the height of the cycle. However, a number of key players of the German Maritime Cluster emerged as Winners and have positioned themselves as leading players in the global shipping industry. So, what makes todays and future Winners in Shipping? Consolidation, innovation, embracing new technology but also leadership and trust from all stakeholders? The panel will discuss winning strategies, main challenges ahead and how the German Maritime Cluster through cooperation and dialogue can produce more Winners. 

Moderator: Mr. Thomas Mazur, Partner - Deloitte GmbH


  • Mr. Thomas Rehder, Managing Partner - Carsten Rehder GmbH & Co.; President - European Community Shipowners' Associations 2014-2015
  • Mr. Michael Vinnen, Managing Partner - F.A. Vinnen & Co. 
  • Capt. Alfred Hartmann, President - German Shipowners Association; Chairman - Hartmann Group
  • Dr. Martin Harren, Managing Director - Harren & Partner Group; SAL Heavy Lift & SAL Engineering