2020 10th Annual CSR Forum - SMEs - Challenges & Opportunities During & Post COVID-19 Crisis
Digital CSR In Greece Forum

July 22, 2020
46:42 Min.

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Podcast Summary

ΜΙΚΡΟΜΕΣΑΙΕΣ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΙΣ – ΠΡΟΚΛΗΣΕΙΣ & ΕΥΚΑΙΡΙΕΣ ΠΡΙΝ ΚΑΙ ΜΕΤΑ ΤΗ ΚΡΙΣΗ ΤΟΥ Covid -19 : Προκλ?σεις αν? τομ?α, επιλογ?ς χρηματοδ?τησης – Κεφ?λαιο Κιν?σεως – Αν?πτυξη, αν?γκες και ευκαιρ?ες μετασχηματισμο? ν?ων επιχειρηματικ?ν μοντ?λων, κλιμ?κωση μ?σω συγχωνε?σεων κοινοπραξι?ν, συνεργασι?ν και εξαγωγ?ν κλπ.

SMEs – CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES DURING & POST COVID-19 CRISIS - Scope : Areas of Challenges, Which sectors, financing options - WC vs growth support, new business model transformation needs and opportunities, scale up through consolidation, JVs, collaboration, growth via exports etc.

Moderator :

  • Mr. Tassos IossiphidesEY Partner, Head of Strategy & Transaction Services in GreeceCESA - Ernst & Young BAS S.A.

Panelists :

  • Μr. Nikos C. Papathanasis, Deputy Minister for Industry & Commerce – Ministry of Development & Investments
  • Mrs. Athina Chatzipetrou, President & CEO - Hellenic Development Bank SA (former ETEAN SA)
  • Mrs. Dimitra Papandreou, Principal Manager Advice for Small Businesses Greece - SME Finance & Development Group European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Mr. Takis Solomos, Partner - Elikonos Capital Partners