2020 - Private Equity, Restructuring, M&A, Industry Consolidation
International Shipping Forum

May 22, 2020
38:09 Min.

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Podcast Summary

2020 14th International Shipping Forum 

DAY 1 – MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2020


 Regulatory, technological and market forces have a transformational impact on the shipping industry. Regulation is increasing, charterers and stakeholders in general are more demanding, and there is a need for higher capital investment.  Does this lead to restructuring, M&A and industry consolidation? Is there a PREXIT with Private Equity exiting shipping or are we seeing new entrants into selective projects? Can private equity accelerate the industry’s transformation?

 Moderator: Mr. John Imhof, Shareholder - VedderPrice


  • Axel Siepmann, Managing Director - Braemar Naves
  • Michael Kirk, Co-Founder and Managing Director - RMK and Ascension
  • Chris Weyers, Managing Director, Head of Maritime Investment Banking – Stifel
  • Mr. Paulo Almeida, Portfolio Manager, Asset Backed Investments - Tufton Oceanic