2019 Hong Kong Maritime Forum - Shipowners Panel - Putting It All Together
Hong Kong

December 17, 2019
45:46 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Leading HK & International Shipowners will discuss opportunities and challenges for the shipping industry focusing shipping markets outlook, energy and commodity flows, investment opportunities, access to capital, operational and regulatory challenges and more.

Moderator: Mr. Nick Sansom, Chief Business Development Officer - Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority


Mr. Yongxin Wang, President -  China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd  

Mr. Mats Berglund, CEO/Executive Director - Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd.

Mr. Bing Chen, CEO – Seaspan

Mr. Jack Hsu, Managing Director- Oak Maritime (Hong Kong) Inc Limited

Mr. Hing Chao, Executive Chairman - Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings