2018 Outlook for Shipping with Amit Mehrotra from Deutsche Bank

December 18, 2017
51:02 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Mr. Amit Mehrotra, Director of U.S. Transportation & Shipping at Deutsche Bank joins Mr. Nicolas Bornozis for a deep dive into the Outlook for Shipping in 2018 – underlying markets, access to capital, new trading patterns, regulatory developments, investor attitudes and more. More specifically the discussion covers topics such as:


• Review and outlook of each of the various shipping sectors – Dry bulk, containers, crude & product tankers, LNG?LPG - Bullish? Bearish?
• Transformational impact of new trading patterns on shipping - (US energy exports, container alliances, consolidation, Chinese leasing teaming with cargo providers)
• Regulatory developments and effects on shipping - Impact of Ballast Water Treatment & sulfur emissions
• Investor attitudes in shipping stocks – Are Shipping Equities undervalued – fairly valued?
• Access to capital – Are Capital Markets open to shipping?


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