2020 International Shipping Forum - China - International Shipowners Perspective - Looking ahead

September 16, 2020
51:18 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Looking Ahead: Opportunities & Challenges in Shipping 

Shipping markets outlook, Covid-19 & beyond, energy & commodity flows, investment opportunities, access to capital, operational & regulatory changes, business opportunities with China

 Moderator: Mr. Theodore Jadick, Jr., Managing Director, CEO and President – DNB Markets, Inc. 

 Panelists :

  • Mr. Jerry Kalogiratos, CEO - Capital Product Partners 
  • Mr. John Lycouris, CEO - Dorian LPG 
  • Mr. Aristidis Pittas, CEO - Euroseas; CEO - Eurodry 
  • Mr. Hamish Norton, President - Star Bulk Carriers 
  • Mr. John Dragnis, CEO - Goldenport Holdings 
  • Mr. Robert Burke, CEO - Ridgebury Tankers