PYXIS TANKERS - Company Update & Product Tanker / Dry Bulk Sector Outlook

April 08, 2024
16:23 Min.

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Podcast Summary

Capital Link's Trending News Podcast Series with PYXIS TANKERS Inc. (NASDAQ: PXS) | Company Update & Product Tanker / Dry Bulk Sector Outlook

Featuring: Mr. Eddie Valentis, Chairman & CEO - Pyxis Tanker Inc.

Interviewed by: Mr. Nicolas Bornozis, President - Capital Link, Inc.

April 8, 2024

Trending News - This Podcasts Series features interviews and discussions with senior management elaborating on recent company news and announcements. Visit here for the Trending News Podcast Series:

About PXS - The Company currently owns a modern fleet of mid-sized eco-vessels consisting of three product tankers, one Kamsarmax bulk carrier and a controlling interest in a single ship Ultramax dry bulk venture engaged in seaborne transportation of a broad range of refined petroleum products and dry-bulk commodities. The Company is positioned to opportunistically expand and maximize its fleet of eco-efficient vessels due to significant capital resources, competitive cost structure, strong customer relationships and an experienced management team whose interests are aligned with those of its shareholders. For more information, visit: Pyxis' common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Capital Markets under the ticker symbol 'PXS.