MPC Container Ships ASA (MPCC) Update & Outlook - Capital Link Presentation Series | January 17, 2024

January 17, 2024
39:19 Min.

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Podcast Summary

MPC Container Ships ASA (MPCC) & Containers Update & Outlook - Capital Link Presentation Series | 1.17.24

Company Management Speaker: - Mr. Moritz Fuhrmann, CFO

ABOUT MPC Container Ships ASA

MPC Container Ships ASA (ticker code "MPCC") is a leading container tonnage provider focusing on small to mid-size container ships. Its main activity is to own and operate a portfolio of container ships serving intra-regional trade lanes on fixed-rate charters. As of September 30, 2023, the Group's fleet consisted of 65 vessels, with an aggregate capacity of approximately 138,302 TEU. Of these vessels, a total of nine were categorized as held for sale. The Company is registered and has its business office in Oslo, Norway. MPC Container Ships ASA shares trade on the Oslo Exchange under the symbol "MPCC" For more information about MPC Container Ships ASA, please visit

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